Caravan Road's?

So here is one of my idea’s that I think the Dev Team can use to get caravan npc’s to visit our towns.

When a Map seed is generated it will also generate a random path/road that will go from both sides of the map. This road will be setup so that caravans can travel down them. When the player establish his town he can then build a road that is connected to the caravan road which will then tell the caravan npc that there is a town down this road to visit.


I really like this idea. I was thinking about making a thread similar to this, but you beat me to the punch. It would be very helpful to the devs to do this so they would not have to generate a road later in the game.

I like this idea, but few problems right now.

a) what if you are surrounded by mountains
b) what if goblins or other mobs spawn close to the road, or even worse on top of the road
other then that, i like the idea, of making sure ur town is connect to the world in some way other then being on the map.

Also on top of this hearth spawns when u get villagers could actually come from the road

(A) If you’re surrounded by mountains you might just have mine a path or move closer down near the road.
(B) I can see this being a problem, maybe the caravan can have its own guards that escort them as they do their trades.

good points all around.

I am sure they can code a way so goblins don’t spawn on top, but maybe around so they can ambush the caravans :smiley:

The biggest challenge for this is; why would you settle anywhere but near the road? If the road comes pre-baked into the map, that’s over 3/4ths of the map (approximate) that you’ll never consider settling in.

If it’s instead generated at some point after you found your town, that could work so long as it’s discreet in its spawning…

Hmmm Airship Caravan :smiley:
With a drop off/landing site

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I think a persistent grass system, where Hearthlings can wear away grass with persistent foot traffic, could make this happen. Where ever the first caravan spanwed it would create a dirt road to your town, or over several trips.


I love the idea! :heart:

Immagine the traders passing on the map, visiting your “Market” (Market Stalls can sold automatically resources when you fill them up). It would improve the city simulation :smiley:


the map reminds me banished where the trading road was a river…

but why not just a simple roadsign, which has to be connected to your town banner.
that way the player has to sacrifice some unattackable positions, so traders can reach your village too.

Sign could be pregenerated by the map or manually placed by the player similar to the starting banner, but with a minimum distance needed.

another idea would be also having a small campaign for such roadsign, so you have to secure the village/area or just raise the value of it to signal traders that you have stuff to trade…

Let’s go old school for a min. Anyone here remember the old game Pharaoh? My apologies here to the younger ones, but we are talking Windows 2000 days…

Anyway, in their map editor, you had four banners,

  1. Map Entry
  2. Map Exit
  3. River Entry
  4. River Exit

Now as the names suggest, you can figure out what they meant. Why not have the same banners/markers in this game? That way we can have our caravan road, but also mandate where it comes from and where it goes.

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Played it a lot.
For anyone that never played it, think about something similar to SimCity or Cities Skilines main intercities roads. Everything enters and exits your city through them, but the path inside your city is you who creates, all you need is to connect the enter and exit points.


I hope they upgrade the trading system of this game. Maybe also with trader carriages and a new class merchant, select the resource you want to sell. the merchant starts from your hometown and after 2-3 days he come back with the money. Just an idea

love this idea… i would love to see the npc traders actually walking or riding to your town it would make the game much more immersive

It would also be nice if the enemies came from this road too before setting up their camp (like they would all come from the road and then do a little animation for building their camp before it appears instead of just magically appearing out of nowhere)