Can't equip my troops with weapons and armour

Got myself some new shiny iron pikes, shields and armour, but my knigts don’t want to equip it.
At first I thought maybe it’s because they’re knigts and can’t use that, but one of my simple
fighters was still running with hammer and wooden shield.

Since they were patrolling all the time, I tried to manually suspend them from their jobs to see
if that helps. Negative - they just restock on some supplies like bandages and vials and then
proceed to idle until I checked their job parameter back on.

Is there’s something I’m missing or doing wrong here or it’s a bug?

They need both the correct level and the correct job. Iron pike is a footman only if I remember correctly. And it requires level 3.

Well, it would be good to have some info on items like this in future versions,
unless I’m blind and there is one, I just missed it. Wich is most likely to be a thing.

If I am not mistaken, when you look at the item in the respective workshop, the level needed to equip as well as the class requirements are there. The class is denoted by an icon if I remember correctly, and then there is a number which denotes the level needed.

Thanks for the info, will look through that more carefully from now on ^^