Cant believe all my workers died of hunger

lol stupid workers all died of hunger with food at thier feet…

lol didnt notice they Boxed off thier food and coulnt get to it lol

as in building mistake as opposed to bug?

well, just in case it is useful, for practical as well as aesthetic reasons, I like to build a slab table of 2x?? size and put an open cooked food stockpile on it beside dining area.

It lets me keep track of the availability of cooked food as well as making it efficient for hearthings to grab it. For surplus storage, I put crates further away (with the “table” between the crate and the kitchen), so that the “table” will always be filled first before the extra storage is used. If there is ever a time where cooking stops, I will switch surplus storage to “none” so that as long as there is still cooked food left, it will be visible. (just remember to switch it back to storage when cooking resumes)

(the “table” is in the area labeled “mess hall” below, which is current filled by cooked food)

it was an optical illusion that made it look like they could get to thier food, but was actually at a 2 foot drop instead of one, but the grass->rock->dirt made it look like a stepping stone walkway, nope was a 2 foot drop lol

oh yeah. That is another thing I try to avoid: any region which is not accessible. e.g. top of walls, wall cavities with no doors, even chimneys.

It started because of a mystery/horror (bug). I had this game, where I built real fireplace with a chimney (there is a hole from behind the fireplace to the roof). There is no opening that is big enough for Hearthlings to get it and there was certainly nobody inside when it was finished.

Now, every other savegame, I will encounter a hearthling dying of hunger… and when I tracked him, he is IN the cavity behind the fireplace, which is supposed to be inaccessible to hearthlings. And it was ALWAYS the herbalist. (when he dies, he left the potions what was in his inventory at the spot too). Somebody or something must really hated him.

From then on, I had to regularly check the fireplace in question… and use debug commands to teleport the cursed guy out for more times than I could remember.

Then I just gave up that jinxed game, create a new one, and “improved” my design so that even the fireplace cavity is accessible via a ladder from the chimney in the roof. And I became adamant in my designs that no holes are inaccessible (even the roofs in my designs are accessible). And no more mysterious death by starvations there after.

I’ve never personally had starvation issues. I find that two farmers working between 8 and 10 fields with a cook set to maintain a stockpile of between 10 and 20 of one or two cooked food types is more than enough to keep my hearthlings fed forever (this system still works well in my town of 23). Even with 4 or 5 stone chests dedicated to holding food, I still end up with baskets of food turning rotten beside the field they came from due to lack of storage space.

Now if only there was a way to make hearthlings eat only cooked foods instead of raw, that’d be a dream come true.

i do it sometimes since i have low depth perseption and sometimes see things as 1 block down instead of it being 2, also they eat Raw foods kinda like you eat salads. I wouldnt want to always eat cooked foods, sometimes i would want a salad.