Cancelling harvesting command

It could happen that you accidentally set some tree, rock or plant (or whatever) to be harvested, only to realize you actually don’t want this to happen. As far as I’m aware, there is currently no way to cancel this designation. Seems like an obvious feature addition. Right? :slight_smile:


oh wow, good point! i’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned before… has it?

but yes, seems like a fairly obvious feature… :smiley:


Not as far as I could find.

Does this have any effects on performance? I find the pathfinder going nuts after a while, and I tend to click on inaccessible trees/bushes. Its also quite annoying to see the axe logo for 30 mins when you know nobody’s interested in getting it done

What do you mean by “this” in your first sentence? Do you mean having things designated?

Yup, as in “harvesting commands”

I’ve actually sent the devs a question concerning the lack of this feature directly.

In my opinion it seems silly to flesh out a job tree before adding something as simple as canceling the queue for harvesting. There’s no way at this current point in the alpha to cancel cutting a few hundred trees if you have some kinda accident and highlight a huge area. Having that many things queued up, especially with the addition of multiple kinds of plants, can not be good for performance. And what happens if you mess up? You either have to wait for your citizens to finish harvesting everything, or they never get to it.

Honestly, if you have a goblin raid, and your people are out looking for berries you asked them to harvest 3 days ago, your people are as good as dead. They’d rather cower by the berry bush instead of running back to the settlement. And it’s way too far to have your footmen deal with. I think it’s kind of an important feature, and I have no idea why it’s been overlooked for so long.

Is the idea to punish players for queuing too many things, or things in a bad place? It seems the case with crafting. There’s no way to delete crafted goods you don’t need. So it seems to me the idea is to punish people for not planning ahead. Obviously I realize and respect this is an alpha, and there’s room for these to be added in. But I’d just like to know if they were planned features all along, or if they were simply overlooked?

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I always assumed that there was a way to do this - I just had yet to learn which key to press. Glad to see I wasn’t completely being a lazy moron who couldn’t look it up after all!

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