Cancellation of task

Please make a command that will enable the player to cancel away task like mining and buildings or make the hearthlings stop the current or ongoing task for awhile and resume back when commanded. thanks

As far as I know, the mining task can already be cancelled. If you click on the region you selected to mine, there should be an option to cancel it.
I’m unsure about the buildings, but if there isn’t such an option, I think there should be. What if you’d made a mistake and forget doors, for example.

Now someone could come and correct me on this: I believe the route the developers want to take is to not give you complete control over your hearthlings. If you set out a task, they will decide for themselves who will do it, and when it will get executed. If you do want some control, you could use the hearthling therapist.

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Buildings can be paused and resumed, though I’m sure there are still some bugs with that.

There’s a tool for cancelling tasks like harvesting, moving items, and similar things. I think it’s the one with the curved arrow symbol on the harvest menu.

For mining there’s the window that @Deinara mentions, and for building, well, there might be some bugs, like @coasterspaul said.