Can you be an evil empire?

Can the empire you build have Evil goals? Like take over the world, kill and destroy peaceful villages. I’ve been playing a lot of WoW recently and I miss Arthas lol. If its not possible to become evil based I sure hope they add it. I’d love to control undead warriors and necromancers and be lich-king like. Any thoughts, opinions or answers would be greatly appreciated!

They have mentioned that they want Necromancers to be in the game and the Zombie Apocalypse as a lose-con if you’re not careful with it, but the idea of and “Evil Empire” is something that you as a player would chose and play it out, That is, there aren’t any set “goals” that you need to complete, but you could tailor your play-style to reflect your empires evil. That is, you rob caravans when they come to visit, and slay any other civilizations, etc.


But how can you be an empire if you can’t collect taxes from conquered lands to grow your army?
Since your city is a hive mind it automatically becomes a socialist utopia and you can’t oppress anyone.
Wich is too bad, but it’s more of a city manager than a civilization manager anyway.

I don’t think that taxes will play any role in this game, and money very little.
If u encounter another city u can just raid it and steal all their resources if u want to be evil.

I do hope u can make a reputation for your city this way.

Instep of stealing resources it would be nice if you could force the other citizens to labour for you (building Pyramids or something). Just like corvee/socage/compulsory service (looked it up, but still not sertain which on is the right term).
And of course a system of them paying reparations or taxes in kind of wood, metal, food or whar ever you desire.

There are so many ideas for suppressing peaceful civilisation … it is evil!!!

But then you’re not an empire, an empire conquers other countries and makes them it’s colonies.
It’s needed for a situation were your evil soldiers patrol the streets of an unimportant village until an unlikely hero decides to stand up and free his people.

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And then you loot and burn the village, capturing the hero and killing his family before his eyes then torturing him and finally you put him in a coffin with lead weights tied to it and throw it into the ocean (Make sure he’s alive while doing this otherwise where is the point?)

I’m so dead after this comment :

You can mod it!


this is true… on both counts… :wink:

as to playing from an “evil” perspective, radiant has mentioned scenarios like killing a visiting merchant, or outright slaying a small party of goblins (who may have come to visit as a peace delegation?)… you could also feed your units the bare minimum of food, i suppose… :tongue:

Tom has said in the initial release you will be able to do evil things with and to your settlers however he made it clear that there will be no purely evil factions to play as. If Evil factions make it into the game it would be after the initial release. :disappointed:

Of course!

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Thanks everyone for the replies! A reputation system sounds good as well, where the world knows that you are evil and maybe along with the normal baddies attacking you, you have villages or kingdoms that are trying to end your rule. Just some thoughts @Nico @twip @olaf_randel5 @SteveAdamo

@Nico_Leon [quote=“Nico_Leon, post:12, topic:1944”]
maybe along with the normal baddies attacking you, you have villages or kingdoms that are trying to end your rule

Maybe not only do some people try to end your rule but maybe there can be rebellions aswell meaning that depending on the situation when you kill the leader or leaders it might not end the rebellion but, Like the easter rising in Dublin, Ireland, cause the people to think that you overreacted by killing the rebel leaders and incite even more rebellion

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Is this in the contest thread yet? -goes to add-

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Well this is… morbid.

@Nico_Leon my last reply was a bit derpy so I shall put some more effort in it.

If you want to make an evil empire, I suggest you do actually mod it.
You can make this evil (looking) empire by just taking the original models (which are still work in progress) and alter details and the colour scheme, just a different skin.
And to make them evil in their doing… well you can try to code some stuff… events etc. but that’s probably hard if you have no experience.

tl; dr :

Give them a mean bad ass look and do yer evil stuffzies in game to avoid coding drama:wink:

Basically, you CAN be an evil empire, it would just be a flavor and play-style thing, not a mechanical thing. Obviously you could do stuff to increase the “evil” atmosphere by, as @Ghost suggested, adjusting the models to make the more sinister, modding idle behaviors, etc.

If we’re discussing an evil empire mod though… it would be really cool to bring in the evil/good culture visual morph like they have in the Black & White games. So… as you do more evil deeds, the place gets gloomier, buildings get spikes and dark colors, or if you do good deeds it gets lighter and brighter and more flowers pop up, etc.

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