Can someone take a gander at my save and see why I can't make the scaffolding on my walls go away? :)

Dropbox - Link not found is a download of my save

with building has the non removable scafolting?

The wall around the village

is it the outside scafolting or the inside scafolting you wich to get rid of?

Both, the wall is done, they just havn’t torn it down yet. I don’t know why :x

maby because there is apart of the wall blocked of by the terrain. Not sure but being an alpha maby that is the issue. Could be why only that side has scafolting on the out side of the wall. If it was on the inside the scafolting would not be so much of an issue in a hostile game
Do you use debug tools? With it you can remove the scafolting yourself. I could be a fix for now.

I’ve not seen these debug tools before, are they in by default? or do I have to do some crazy shenanigans?
Doesn’t matter now, just lost my village to the goblins lol

no its a little mod that you put inside de mods folder. It allows for some cheating with villagers if one should wish for it, but also instant build and removal of unwanted side affects of the building system

OT and I hate to be the one, but it’s “scaffolding”, not “scafolting”. Sometimes the eyes just won’t stop deceiving you, I guess. For a long time I read the name “Sigourney Weaver” as “Signourey Weaver”. That’s not even a name.

i’m playng you village now and will try to see what you would need to change on that wall idea to make it work properly

got half of the new wall to be build and scaffolding removed but the other half they left it standing, not sure why.