Can I get a 3d model for the villager?

I want to print it out with a 3d printer

In you Stonehearth folder there should be a “mods” folder. In there you’ll find a “Stonehearth.smod” which can be handled like a .zip folder. Upon unpacking you’ll find all data relevant for the game in there. Including the villagers body model as .qb model, which can ba transformed throughout VoxelShop to a COLLADA file to 3D print it.

(Imma just see if I can find the files for you real fast :wink: )

€dit: I managed to find them. They’re split in male and female models, so I packed it all into one file. (You might need to put the models together tho…) (51.7 KB)


you two are so bad to meeeee :frowning: i want also a pringed hearthling ^^

ok i see i must look now for a good model perhaps a footmen or perhaps symboles archne … wahhhh i want them all xD and convert it to a cmd file ^^ here in germany is a seller who wants only 0,49€ per cm^3 so at the end a 20cm figur should only cost ~20 euros (without shipping) ^^ the cheapest 3d printer i have found cost still 150€ and comes from china xD

my biggest problem … im horrible with painting xD

20cm high/vertical? If so, you should also consider how wide it is. A 20cm high, and 10cm wide and 10cm large would be 2000cm³, costing 1000euros

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There’s full color sandstone printing these days, so you can have colored models printed directly, but it’s more expensive, not all that strong, and probably only available from printing sites, like this one.

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Thanks! However, the next present issue is that the files aren’t supported by my 3d model application. Do you know how to convert them?

Download any Voxel Editor (I recommend VoxelShop or Magika Voxel) and import the models. Add all the parts together (if it’s to complicated I could do it tomorrow) and export it.

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