Can Dev Fix Queue System in game?

oke, as i play the game, it’s really funny that when i have 2 farmer harvesting the product, then suddenly one of them stop working because the other one already finish his harvesting, instead finnishing his job, he just leave it, then planting a plant at a fieldn that one other farmer finnish to harvest.

please use a better queue system, just make them do the job until finish, i think this is one other problem why at the middle game all worker begin to idle other then begin to work.

the Other thing. i am trying to figure why Daily Update begin to stop showing up.
it’s looks like their is a limit on pupulation

so far i am trying.

my most population is 13.

anyone have more then mine?
can you share your information here?

About the population, yes there is a limit, the max default is 20 people, but you can change that in the game options.

Hey there @Evangeline, welcome to the Discourse! The devs have acknowledged the issue with farming, it is due to the use of 2 different types of AI (one for planting, and another for everything else). A fix is expected in Alpha 14.

For more details, see Yang’s post here: