Can a Hearthling be happier?

I do not think so :smiley:
Prove me wrong


You can still sleep in a comfy bed for an extra bonus. And talk to your pet. I think winning a fight is another.


That would be an overkill of happiness.

But I did never ever see a Hearthling with more happiness points (Challenge)!!

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That begs the question, (or maybe it was implied already, sorry, I am bad at these things sometimes) what is needed to get a hearthling jubilant?

Hearthling with optimistic trait should be able to when you support the conditions.

It is pretty hard but it is possible, I got at least two hearthlings in one game who got jubilant.
Only for a short time :joy::laughing:

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I think if you have a farmer with green thumb it is easier, as each plant gives him a little boost, plus a passionate job or maybe optimistic trait, not sure which of the two would be better.

This was a screenshot from my on-going town I shared with the team last week. It was really nice to see all those smiling faces :sunny:


That Ella, always bringing everyone down…


Ella is just too sensible for all that jubilance.


Ella Enchanted :laughing:
Someone told her not to be happy


i think the blushy face is cute enough for me, i dont need to see my hearthlings on a "trip"
not to mention the loss of productivity that comes with excessive euphoria ;D

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I’m not trying to be “that guy” - it’s just that… I’m currently playing around with a new settlement, and I saw something that made me think of you and this post.

(I still got quite some ways to go to have @Sweet beaten, but this is the first time one of my Hearthlings is so happy)

So far, Navin and I have gotten along quite fine I must say!
Rumours has it battle is just around the corner though - I don’t know for how long this happiness will last :worried:

No matter what happens, I feels great just playing Stonehearth again.
It’s been a while; been too busy working with mods :sweat_smile: