Mood will not be saved/loaded

In my current game most of my hearthlings were happy.
I saved the game yesterday and wanted to play it further today
But now all my hearthlings have normal mood and are not happy anymore.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A20 r699 x64
Stonehearth Café
Patrol Points
Yang & co’s Armoury
Hearthlings of Many Faces
Slabs with terrain colors
Settlement Decor Mod

SaveGame download Link

Can someone confirm this?

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Haven’t checked your savefile yet, but I had a game from r699 and most of my hearthlings were also happy, and they are still happy after reloading.

Happiness is changing constantly due to thoughts, it might have been caused by positive thoughts disappearing or negative thoughts appearing, making the mood of your hearthlings to drop quickly.

Edit: After loading the savefile, it might seem that all of them reset, but some of them have different values and were transitioning left or right in the happiness bar, so it should still be working.

Could it be due to the Township Celebration thought disappearing a while before you saved?
There’s only one hearthling that is close to becoming merry, and he has the ‘Pioneering spirit’ thought (one of your latest hearthlings, I assume).


Could… I am not sure. But I know that more than half of my Hearthlings were doing better than okay.