Buying "Giant Bone Axe" at Day3

I was able to buy a “Giant Bone Axe” (230Gold) at the first vendor (day 3?). Now i have supierior power and don’t need any other weapons.
Haven’t even build a manson or get my 8 villiager.
This makes the game far to easy. One hit with my level 1 footman to a small stone golem (the mini ones) reduce all the hp, the second one kills.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. geather leader, furniture items and other things to sell
  2. wait for the first vendor how sells the “Gaint Bone Axe” (230 Gold)
  3. buy the axe, kill all other monster with your level 1 soldier

Expected Results:
Buying weapons should be somehow balanced in the game. Maybe the “Gaint Bone Axe” is a rare item or not for selling at all.

Actual Results:
see above

Maybe not a “technical” bug, but a gameplay bug. It damaged the gameplay flow.


Version Number and Mods in use:
stonehearth 0.14.0 (develop 2860) x64
no mods in use

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Saw that too, additionally some days later (day 8/9?) I was rewarded with 2 giant stone axes for 3 straw beds by a caravan :smiley:


That’s not really a bug, but a balancing issue I guess. But I agree it should be removed from the vendor and only be dropped from high level enemies. The caravans should only bring like bronze items to start out, not the actually strongest weapon in the game.


Yep, I got this on last alpha 14 too. I didn’t even had made footmen by that time…(I was on peaceful anyway).


first off, like @Frostbyte said, not really a bug but rather a balancing issue

secondly, this was sorta discussed over here,

not sure whether it should be merged though…


Yes, it’s most of a balancing issue… But we really like for it to be addressed so maybe we should leave this as a bug so it gets more visibility? I don’t know. They could really be merged I guess… :sweat:

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I made this not buyable. Look for it in the next unstable release (Or rather, don’t look for it because it won’t be there)


Aww… I get it… but rare loot is hard to come by in the game already, so this added a little bit of spice for me.

thats why its called rare loot :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

personally i love it when games add lots of unique items that are hard to get, makes it a lot cooler when you get one of those things…

Completely agree! When I said what I said, I had mixed up buying the item with being offered it by a trader. If it can still rarely be offered as a trade, them I’m happy. I don’t need to be able to buy it for cheap. That seems not nearly rare enough.

But that feeling when the trader just happens to show up in the early game offering me something amazing, and the mad scramble to build however much of something they want… yep. that’s the stuff.

…hey speaking of rare items… has anyone said anything about some day adding rare ores / loot when mining? Would be nice to spice up / incentive mining for reasons other than purely blacksmith or building related.

Could u make it really rare, or not usable by us. If ya’ll want to make it available, make were it doesnt do the heavy dmg it already does. Why do i say this. because even if Goblin Cheiftain shows up, he is pretty easy to beat if you go right for him, then get the axe and ur footman are pretty unstoppable. Also traders will trade it for items, I would remove that

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that can already be done, not sure if its planned for the main game… though if time allows i will be getting back to work on a mod that includes something like that…

I believe that there is some more critical issues in the game right now before complaning for a balance issue that damaged your gameplayflow. Combat is still currently not perfect and not very interesting. And is being ehanced Alpha after alpha.