Selling glitch & Sold items not being removed

I noticed a strange bug happen that might be related to the billion of shops appearing each day…
I had about 30ish red clay doors that I wanted to sell so I clicked ‘sell 10’ 3 times. I got the cash but non of the clay doors disappeared like they normally would. I was able to keep ’ selling’ them seeing if they would dissaper but I gave up after they all stayed in my inventory and I had over 3500 gold :grin: as funny as this was I don’t think this was ment to be

not sure if its @Albert, @yshan or @sdee :sweat_smile:

Hey @Fralee, trading tends to be @sdee, but if it is UI it could be @yshan. What version of the game did you see this in? The “billion of shops” was fixed a few builds ago…

it was 2717 I had the items that I was wanting to sell not being removed once they were sold

edit: it was aobut 2 days ago that I noticed it

i noticed this bug just now when i was recording my new video ^^

I wounder how many others have noticed this glitch

i didnt actually buy the game yet but i saw this happen in bantos video… im waiting until they fix the building system before i buy the game.

Ive been following the game for awhile watching updates happen from people on youtube… waiting until it seemed stable enough to be worth buying… and its not there yet… banto couldnt even build his second house design in the video (probably cus of the stairs he added) and had to cheat the building… that shouldnt happen and until they fix that im going to wait.

Also the goblins/undead seem ridiculously easy to defeat with even a single footman… perhaps they need a buff or footmen need a nerf… or something… whats the point of combat if ia single footman in starting gear can wipe out an entire camp by him/herself? And enemies cant even destroy walls… so build a wall and you never have to worry about enemies ever again…

Title: sell item to infinity

Summary: able to sell items to “Jess Vexed’s Tannery and Wilderness Supplies” to infinity, item count does not decrease upon ‘sell 10’ or ‘sell 1’

i exited out of that merchant prompt and accessed the second one and the issue still persists

Steps to reproduce:

  1. click trader prompt
  2. navigate to sell tab
  3. select item
  4. click sell 10

Screen Shot 1 Pre Sell, Gold at 1240, Fox Pelts at 26 (i had pressed it dozens of times by now)

Screen Shot 2 Sold 10 Fox Pelts, Gold at 1280, Fox Pelts still at 26

Expected Results:
Sell item would result in that number of items being deducted out of inventory

Actual Results:
free cash

a second merchant prompt is available as well, dont know if thats messing with it or not


Versions and Mods:
develop-2720 (x64) no mods

System Information:
Windows 10 64-bit, i7-3770k 16GB RAM

i ran the game for a while and the bug went away when prompted a third time for a merchant

hum, so im not the only one having that trader que. that might actually be what’s messing with the ability to remove items?

Infinite Gold from Traders

When selling things to the trader, it didn’t remove the item from my inventory, so I could sell items for infinite gold without a cost.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for a trader to arrive
  2. Sell an item
  3. Repeat

Expected Results:
Item to disappear upon selling it.
Actual Results:
Item does not disappear upon selling it.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release - 489 (x64), no mods.
System Information:
915fe6eb-adfd-11e5-958c-0015830cbfeb < User ID

Never had this happen, but I did once have a trader who was selling Hunk o’ Stone for 0g.

Hey there @Meg_Ryan, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the report. I have merged your report here, good to know that it is still an issue on the latest build.

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