Sell item to infinity

Title: sell item to infinity

Summary: able to sell items to “Jess Vexed’s Tannery and Wilderness Supplies” to infinity, item count does not decrease upon ‘sell 10’ or ‘sell 1’

i exited out of that merchant prompt and accessed the second one and the issue still persists

Steps to reproduce:

  1. click trader prompt
  2. navigate to sell tab
  3. select item
  4. click sell 10

Screen Shot 1 Pre Sell, Gold at 1240, Fox Pelts at 26 (i had pressed it dozens of times by now)

Screen Shot 2 Sold 10 Fox Pelts, Gold at 1280, Fox Pelts still at 26

Expected Results:
Sell item would result in that number of items being deducted out of inventory

Actual Results:
free cash

a second merchant prompt is available as well, dont know if thats messing with it or not


Versions and Mods:
develop-2720 (x64) no mods

System Information:
Windows 10 64-bit, i7-3770k 16GB RAM

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