Building templates JSON

Can someone dig into build template JSON system? If someone can just feedback here what way they are coded.

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JSON is a markup language. If you have any familiarity with markup languages, you’ll figure it out quickly. The file itself is just a text file, so you can open it up with any text editor.

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So, i opened that files, i saved some 2x2 houses, and 4 blocks long wall, i figure out how it marks coorinates, but lables like “Building id”, walls and columns id, what is “URI” block? How i can generati it myself? I need alghorytm and syntax, can i get?!

you can generate it yourself ingame :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t way interested to generating it trough game, i made some changes in generated JSON and get columns witout walls, i want to make my own template editor GUI for making amazing houses without game, so i need syntax. Anyway, i find solution for MOD walls, columns, and other things, i will try to make something with it…

URI is short for Uniform Resource Identifier. It’s a way of addressing the location of a thing. In Stonehearth, this is done in URL form or in alias form. Generally this is done to point at the information the template needs to work.

URL form is a form of URI that you see in the links to webpages or the location of a file on a computer.

An alias is a way of producing a shorthand for a URL. In Stonehearth, all mods (including the one handling the game you play) have a manifest.json document that contains every alias available to that mod. Every alias is linked to an actual URL.

In the game, you might put a door in a wall. In the building template, it knows which door you are talking about by specifying the URI of the door. So when the template is loaded later, it can find the right door.


It’s helpfull, thanks, but i need to know way of ID generation, ok, so i will dig into LUA of build editor, anyway thanks. Also, have modders ability to make new UI buttons ingame?

Yes. You’ll need to work in at least HTML, LESS and Javascript to add a button. You’d also need to do something in Lua for a new function. It’s pretty complicated.

HTML and Javascript was in my basic school program, so, now i’am 23 years old and can do BIG things with it. So thanks, now i go for walls into buildings, and delete wall MOD, i need just 2 new buttons.

This is a really cool idea, if you figure something out please post your results!