Building template not saving and crashing the game

Hi there,
when I’m either trying to build a multi-roof house or save its template I get a freeze, and after a couple of minutes the following window, complete with a total crash:

Assertion failed: requiredSize <

That happens no matter if I used a played game or started a new on. The template itself isn’t saved.

Also, when I try to build a self-designed house, my workers don’t start building it. They build the pre-installed templates fine, though.

Hi @Ysobell, welcome to the discourse! :smile:

Can you please provide some more details regarding this issue? Helpful information for this which build you are on (see the upper left corner of you game), a screenshot or two, the save folder of the game, and the full error log (assuming there is more than 2 lines).

Edit: One more thing I forgot to ask is for your system details (operating system, processor, graphics cards, etc.) and the stonehearth.log file. Both the save folder and the stonehearth.log can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth assuming you installed this from Steam.

Thank you for the swift response!

After twiddling around I got to build and save a template with a much less difficult design: a simple square with a roof. Whenever I build a multistory building, the game shows abovementioned problem. Even a single story with two oriels doesn’t work.

My build is release-453 (x64), and I don’t get an error log but a window popping up wherein I can click OK. Directly afterwards the stonehearth client closes itself.

Win7 Home Premium SP1 64bit
Intel Core i7-2600K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti Driver Version 340.52

[Stonehearth Log][1]

Do you really need the savegamefolder? I haven’t found out how to upload a whole folder, and new users can’t post more than two links. Besides, the problem exists with a completely fresh world too.

If this happens with every new game, then no, I don’t think it is necessary.

OK, interesting…looking at your Stonehearh.log file, you are getting a very similar repeating log as this thread:

Unfortunately, Team Radiant has not responded to that report yet (it was also only posted a few hours ago. I am going to page @8BitCrab and @Relyss to merge these two threads, and hopefully someone like @Albert, @yshan, or @sdee can chime in on what may be causing this error.

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@ysobell - Welcome to the forum and thanks for the report! Do you want to try your design on the Alpha 12 preview to see if it has problems?

If you don’t know how to get onto the ‘latest’ branch with Alpha 12, there are instructions on this page under ‘About the latest branch’:


I broke the alpha as well, but without an error message.
When I clicked “Build!”, the game refused to un-pause, although I could still enter building mode. When trying to exit to Main Menu, I got a loading screen with the stone giant and an unmoving load-bar. I had to kill Stoneheart via Close Window in the taskbar.
I’ll do it again and take a screenshot of the two stories.

I only got to the groundfloor this time around. I made the mistake to change how I built and put the roof on the groundfloor before placing the walls on the top floor. As reward I got following error message:

develop-2630 (x64)
…h/services/client/build_editor/structure_editor.luac:38: attempt to index field ‘_project_visibility_handle’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…h/services/client/build_editor/structure_editor.luac:38: in function ‘_show_editing_objects’
…h/services/client/build_editor/structure_editor.luac:33: in function ‘_initialize_proxies’
…h/services/client/build_editor/structure_editor.luac:25: in function ‘begin_editing’
…arth/services/client/build_editor/portal_editor.luac:14: in function ‘begin_editing’
…arth/services/client/build_editor/doodad_placer.luac:42: in function ‘_on_mouse_event’
…arth/services/client/build_editor/doodad_placer.luac:20: in function '_mouse_cb’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_capture.luac:26: in function '_dispatch’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.luac:14: in function '_dispatch_input’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.luac:1: in function <stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.luac:1>

When I did the build in the usual sequence, I don’t get an error message. The finished building looks like this, with a 2x3 hole in the floor where the staircase is. My plan was to build interior walls later and have multiple bedrooms.
Whyever did you implement a spelling check in the saving UI of templates?

I love the alpha!