Building speed benchmark

Just a thought - maybe we can test out how fast tall buildings get built in each build. I don’t know if this would help TR with performance issues, or if it can provide them with minimum/recommended specs info, but at the very least we can gather some info for ourselves to know how our computer fares compared to everyone else’s.

I figure a standard building template could give us a rough estimate. A mod to automatically do this in a pregenerated world would be more precise, accounting for differences in stockpile placement, food stores, sleeping, and hunger, but here’s my approach:

Immediately gather enough berries for 2 days and 20-30 wood. Build a 6x6 base layer, add walls, build a floor above, walls, etc. until you have 4 floors. Add a 4-sloped roof.

I timed this build taking 29:56 on my machine. Hopefully the update later this week will cut the time down drastically!

Of note, the build went back to normal speed when the last wall block was placed and roof construction started.

The finished product:

Here’s the saved template, if interested:
speed test - 4 floors.txt (81.4 KB) [RENAME TO .json]


I think this is a great idea. I guess you’d have to do a few tests for each build, because things like

  1. How far away the stockpile is
  2. When the Hearthlings want to eat/sleep
  3. How fast the Hearthlings can walk (affected by the Body stat)

will vary slightly. If you take an average of a few measurements, you should be able to test the speed of each build quite well. This would definitely be helpful for players (maybe deciding whether to update the game) and hopefully for the devs, as you say.


My 10.5 benchmark results:


I consider this to be a HUGE improvement.

“But it’s only 4 minutes less!” you might say.

The previous test exponentially became slower - the second floor was slower than the first, the third was over twice as slow as the second, and the fourth dragged on for ages.

Here’s tonight’s timeline:

Floor 1 - 50s
Floor 2 - 2:15
Floor 3 - 5:00
At this point, many of the workers went to sleep
Floor 4

  • Flooring - 10:09
  • Corner columns - 12:26
  • Walls - 23:38
  • Roof - 24:00
    Final Time - 25:49
    The workers stopped to eat while the scaffolding was halfway torn down… in an ideal test, this would’ve been 20-30 seconds less

In this case, the construction was very fast until the fourth floor was reached. I don’t know if there’s any significance to them sleeping at this point. Similarly, I noticed that while working on the fourth floor, the stockpile wood had run out. There was plenty of wood by the building, however, piled under the scaffolding:

Not sure if this has any significance - it sure looks annoying

It also might be worth mentioning that gameplay returned to full speed anytime they stopped working on walls and ran downstairs to raise the scaffolding. Upon building the next row of scaffolding, the game would lag once more.

Anyways, thanks @Ponder, 10.5 seems to run a lot faster! I don’t know what’s wrong with the 4th floor, as I could’ve built four three-storey buildings instead of it, but floors 1-3 are lightning quick.

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