AI build order, on-task priorities & building time stamps

personally I think the buildings should be built in this order exactly:

slabs (check to build at each stage)
floors (connected to ground or posts and walls)
posts (wall corners) (connected to floor)
walls (connected to floor and posts)
(repeat above if multiple floors)
roof (connected to posts and walls)
doors (connected to walls or slabs and floor or ground)
windows (connected to walls or slabs)
furniture (connected to ground or floors or slabs)
decorations (connected to ground or floors or slabs or walls or roof or posts)

this way it maximizes building space and is built in a logical way and the excessively silly amounts
of scaffolding would be reduced by a lot, along with all the time wasted putting it up and taking it down, as well as the buggy problems that come with them, the game would be a lot better for it. to me the current AI is random and inefficient. sure each step could still be done in a randomized order so you get the benefit of it being cool to watch them work but when you are building a template the time it takes to build should be something that is easy to estimate especially if you ever want to build a town in a reasonable amount of time. in fact, I think templates should have an estimate time to build stamped on the actual save sprite so you know what you are getting yourself into but this seems very unlikely with the current building process.

:confused: I once watched a hearthling walk away from an uncompleted building with only a few blocks left for it to complete to go do something on the other side of the map :worried: because the AI knew that another hearthling on another side of the map was coming back to town, and it decided it would be best for that guy to finish the building about
:anguished: :sob:
I would like to see the AI move away from the “beehive” mentality and actually have higher “on task” individual priorities so that the hearthlings complete what they started rather than magically predicting the future that some guy a mile away will come finish the job.

man didn’t intend this to be a rant, but there it is. :sweat:

That would break so many of my buildings… Since I use slabs as foundation on quite a few of my projects. ><

I think the order is a complicated thing and tricky to get the correct thing. Although the one piece I do like is the order of furnishings from doors to the end. They one does need an order to, and I think someone else suggested something along that lines; at least for that segment of the building.

they basically need to run through a building loop and check for slabs at each stage of the build, because they can be placed anywhere, but you get my main point

really you kind of pinpointed the problem tho, slabs mess everything up :frowning:

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