Building slowdown

Connecting large templates cause slowdown ?

Steps to reproduce:

I have to fairly large towers that when i build on just one of them no issues what so ever.
I then place a template of the tower , next to the other one. and then connect the 2 after it will take 2 secs to place a single block.

the example :slight_smile: i made the left tower and wall without any issues then connect the 2 and now its impossible to build on really.

I tested it in a fresh save as well and there is a slowdown without a doubt. where the whole world stops but its not a lot in a fresh game.

Heres the template i used.building_templates.7z (20.8 KB)

Expected Results:
instant block placement

Actual Results:
Mini world stops on block placement


Uploading save as well. it has usual startup errors. but it can be shown in a new game as well.


Version Number and Mods in use:
r19 v687

System Information: