Building out of sequence?

So I’m building my Tavern/Inn and yeah they are building out of sequence, had to reload this game to make it go right.

steps to reproduce:
1: design build adding extras inside like walls, stairs ect.
2: Build and watch them build second layer first while trying to build first layer.

do each of those sections have to be told to build individually? I havent messed around with multipart constructions in a while.

usually no. but for some reason, later in my game they wanted to build the second layer first lol

On a sidenote and sorry for OT but: I really like that ship. :chicken: Well done!

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hey there @micheal_handy76_mh … I am not entirely sure I would classify this as a bug, as you have described two building techniques that stray outside what the existing building tools were designed to accomplish… :wink:

perhaps when we see the building UI refresh in A9 or A10(?), things like individually placed internal walls (this isn’t in the UI, is it?) and multi-story construction options will be implemented… perhaps we should categorize this as a suggestion?

On a side note, have you posted that ship in the screenshot thread? :open_mouth:
If not, please do. It’s so cool, I’m sure devs will like it.


Yeah its in the screenshot thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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so like this?

this was built using slabs, however they built the top layer first and never completed the second layer.

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