Building is hard, advice from pros?

Hey everyone! I’m back again, swear I’m only here like once a year haha.

Anyways, I’m terrible at making buildings. I don’t know how to make them functional, let alone look nice. I can’t play right now because I’ve done something to my dominant hand to make it hurt so bad I can’t twist a doorknob without it hurting, and I’m stuck in a brace that disallows the use of a mouse, so I figure I can spend the time doing some reading instead, right?

So anyway, those of ya’ll who get the building editor, you got any tips or tricks? What color combos are your go-tos? What shapes and sizes do you generally make your foundations? Second floors? Window placement? (I play a lot of the sims 4 too and I’m terrible at drawing rooms and floors :forlorn: )

Not to mention, what are some ways to make the whole town look cohesive and aesthetically pleasing? I just don’t have an eye for this stuff man, how do yall do it?

I haven’t played with the new appeal system, but generally speaking I try to have my buildings fit a common general pattern, and then vary a bit building to building – think Theme and Variations. One general theme, then different variations on that theme.

One example where I feel like I did a decent job is here: Maratas, the City in the Stone (WIP)

I suspect those designs would be a bit too congested now in the new builder, that was before space requirements and appeal came in. Not sure what the “minimum space” a hearthling needs is now etc.

edit: from what I can tell, the minimum space a hearthling needs to avoid unhappiness is somewhere between a 12x12 square and a 15x15 square but I’m not sure exactly (and would appreciate a tip from someone who knows, myself).

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Is the space requirement rimworld-esque in that it travels outward from the model, meaning you really need to put the bed in the middle of the room? Or is it just based on sheer size alone? Does lots of furniture make you need an even bigger room? If anyone knows?

I play this game like a month every year, the updates are kinda new and confusing to me lol

They did a desktop tuesday on it and it appears to be a hula hoop style model where you just go anywhere in the hoop and you’re good as long as the hoop fits in the room. I don’t know what the minimum “no penalty” room size is or whether or not furniture matters though. I’m kinda in the same boat as you – checking in after being away for six months or more.

I’m eagerly awaiting more stock buildings, it’s nice to be able to just plonk down unique little buildings without having to think too hard.

Keep in mind if you build a room with no windows, then you need a bigger room, if you add windows, they act as open space for a heathlings happiness. i believe the window has to be 1 or 2 spaces off the ground, whatever is on the official schematics is likely the correct bit.

The building system is being completely overhauled soon-ish to make it easier to build at least… and to allow for editing buildings already built… really looking forward to that.