Building AI unable to reach stuff in b01r864 it was able to reach in b01r862

I was able to build this same template fine in the previous build (r862). I was also able to build it fine in between two existing buildings fine. So the placement isn’t an issue either. I can provide saves in both 862 and 864 for comparison if that would be helpful?

Can we get an override option to allow advanced users the ability to use ladders to step workers through the build, at least until the dev team is still refining the new builder code?

Version Number and Mods in use:
b01r864 vanilla

System Information:
Win10 x64

update: Those two blocks are part of the crenelated flat castle roof. I used the hole tool to remove them and the block underneath them, and replaced them with the same color slab blocks, and it let me build it.

For future reference, I’m pretty sure you can add ladders to builds to help them out. I’ve had to do it a couple of times (more so to save a silly hearthling who has built themselves into the window space and can’t get out)
Edit - just realized you probably mean when you start the build but it can’t begin instead of having the problem mid construction. My bad X3

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If you can, I couldn’t find where in the new builder UI.

Yeah I edited my last post because I realized you probably meant you can’t start the build at all. I originally thought you meant it was having problems mid build

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Save/template? Newest version should allow for more things to build, not fewer :stuck_out_tongue:

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b01r864 build error-megashub.7z (6.2 MB)
Note: ignore the errors on-load. I initially started that world with some mods enabled (the game doesn’t currently warn you on embarkation). I never used any modded content, and disabled them shortly after world gen.

castle-tower-connect.7z (10.6 KB)
When looking at the castle from the front, the two towers in the middle on the left and right sides are connected to the wall on the front side using this template. (note that the crenelations don’t rotate well) – so if you remove the segment of wall in front of (touching) the tower on the right side, and then use this template to rebuild it, you should be able to reproduce the error.

Nice find :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed for next build…


Awesome! Thanks!

Also: Load that save, wait a minute for a raiding party to spawn, then try to defend the castle. I dare you. I just tried it myself, and it’s unmanageable in about five different ways.

Combat is so broken, it should maybe just be removed and make SH be a peaceful sandbox ant farm sim.

I know @sdee said it’s not in the cards, but as a community member, the only thing I can do is to advocate for that to change, right?