Building Addon (WIP)

So, yesterday i made some changel to original files and now i have ability to:

  1. Build standalone walls at any floor and high.
  2. Also i made Column tool, solo column without walls.


  1. Erase voxel and erase element button’s in Building UI, to remove walls and missclicked slabs.
  2. Structures remove for building UI (adding new job for workers, also making server part to remove voxels from list) [size=10](or something like that, need to dig in server part)[/size]
  3. Fix workers to build all the material that them take, and don’t divide workflow for all workers, before material’s end.


So, someone help me, when i try to add new button to building UI (yes, i added that button), so i press that tool, and get error by JS, that tool is undefined, so, what JS i need to define tool, can’t figure that out.


Someone want that mod at this stage? I still need help.

[size=27][i]**You are welcome if you want to help or join

Feel free to suggest**[/i][/size]

Some screenshots


It will be great to destroy whole buildings, parts of it or simple blocks from a building. Also the mistake that they only finish a building wif they have all material BEFORE start to build…

First two bug’s are in TODO list, i work on that right now, also, 3th bug need task management, so i need to dig in JOB part of code, so, i’ll do it bit later.

Release soon