Build Mode - Block wall 'Cycle Normal' function not working properly

Summary: When in build mode, if you set a block to wall and have the green arrow point towards either south or west, the block will be invisible from every direction in the second vision state AFTER being build. If the green arrow points towards either north or east, the block will be VISIBLE from every direction in the second vision state after being build.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place 4 separate blocks and set them to wall.
  2. Use ‘Cycle Normal’ button to point the green arrow for each block to the 4 different directions. In build mode they will change visibility properly as you rotate the camera.
  3. Have them build and rotate the camera around them again to realize the fault.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

Sorry for the links but as a new user I can’t upload the photos yet.

Notes: The walls that show properly are build with the wall tool from left to right but for the single column walls the block tool was used instead. There is no invisibility in any angle for the blocks with the arrow pointing towards north or east.

Attachments: See the google drive folders above.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Version + ACE Pre-Release v0.9.5.7g
Entity Blocker Zones
Critters are food, not friends
More realistic pricing
ACE Armours Core
Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
Autoharvest Mod
Glowy Windows
Beast Pets
Bunny Jobs
Canyon Biome
Cattest Block Colour (Various)
Chimney Emitters
Clan Muramasa
Combat Dash
More Combat Anims
Dani’s Core Mod
Extra Map Options
Furniture Expansion (Continuation)
Gardens of Hearth
Goblin Foods
Home sweet home
Hearthlings of Many Faces
The Hunter
Jewel of the orient
Lodewell Lights (Continuation)
Just a windmill
Mod Repairer
Lower Tier Music At Higher Tiers
Quantum Fences
Settlement Decor
Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization
Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer
Tily’s Huge Chests
Winter outfits

What happens when you rotate the template before building? (i.e., save the building as a template, then place it from the list and rotate it the four different orientations) I’m wondering if it’s not accounting for the structure’s orientation when considering the orientation of the blocks.

This is a known base-game issue, actually

When you define blocks as a wall, they don’t “keep” the direction saved over rotations; so unless you always place the template on the same rotation, it breaks

@DaniAngione Hmmm the thing is I didn’t rotate it, this is how I build it in that exact spot with no rotating happening and it still bugged out.

I tried making columns from the start (no templates or rotating) and it turns out that my initial orientation problem still persist, meaning that all the columns that pointed towards the south and west are always invisible, while the ones that pointed towards north and east are always visible. That happens no matter the direction I look at when I start building.

@paulthegreat So I tried making a template and rotating and ended up with the bug staying on the same blocks. Meaning that those that originally pointed towards south and west are always invisible, while the ones that originally pointed towards north and east are always visible.

I can conclude that when I begin building the bugged orientations are as I wrote, but the blocks that get originally bugged will stay bugged after being rotated while placed as a template.

The thing is that the blocks never behave correctly as they don’t change visibility based on where I look at them from, but have a default visibility based on their orientation.

I’m sorry if that’s a known bug, I shared here in case someone can figure out why that happens and make a fix for it maybe. :woman_shrugging:

Any thoughts are welcome ^-^

Do you have any blocks set as roof?
Are they connected to the blocks set as walls?
The game can be a little misleading allowing us to select multiple blocks at once, but if segments are connected, by changing a single block you change all :frowning: so there could be a chance the ones that are always invisible are set as roof?

I did have roof blocks in that design yes, but when I tried to test this out with single block columns the results were the same so there were no roof blocks then.

I’m starting to suspect that there is a bug in the code that makes the blocks take one of the other two (block & roof) functions based on orientation but I have no idea how I could open the code to look it up or even where to start looking. I must say I’m quite intrigued!

Btw I solved the visual problem by replacing the columns with walls and painting the top block the same colour as the decoration so at least for now I can use it.

Still if we get to the bottom of this we might solve the block problem hehe