Build Logic Problem During Deconstruction over Water (aka: Hearthlings have clearly never played Minecraft)

First rule of Minecraft: don’t dig straight down. :slight_smile:

When deconstructing a building that has a sizable overhang, such as a bridge, Hearthlings will frequently remove the block directly beneath their feet, causing them to fall off the building.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build the bridge stair segment template (link above), positioned out over water.
  2. Once complete, order it to be deconstructed.
  3. Observe Hearthlings start to resemble lemmings as they leap into the sea.

Expected Results:
A deconstruction which went roughly in reverse of how the building was constructed, without Hearthlings choosing to remove the block under their feet and falling.

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-549 (x64)


A related issue: when hearthlings start deconstructing Rayya-styled buildings, sometimes they get stuck on the roof because one decides to remove this long wooden beam from one end and another hearthling removes the block from another end. Puff. We get a hearthling sitting on a half-deconstructed beam suspended in mid-air with no way to get back on the ground.


@not_owen_wilson Perhaps we have the beginnings of a “Buildings my Hearthlings cannot unbuild” thread? :slight_smile:


Few problems can’t be solved with spamming [More Ladders]. So there are few truly non-deconstructable buildings (aside from irreparably bugged ones). But still.