Bugs encountered - release 271 (x64)

Current bugs I’ve encountered :smile:

~ Farmer sets plot with item in hand ~
~ Unable to delete old saves / save new games unless with auto-save ~
~ “Looting” can be used to quickly pick up wood/items without movement penalties ~
~ Old blueprints cause errors when clicked - No option to delete blueprint? ~
~ “Undo” button causes a fair few issues when used, mostly with roofs ~
~ Sleeping twice a night - Not sure if bug? ~

I’ll add more info once I have more time :blush:

you can manually delete them in the stonehearth folder.

This has been an issue alpha after alpha. You can go to your blueprints folder in your game directory to delete them. Same thing with the saves.

To help them out, you need to be A LOT more specific as well as include pictures and how you caused the bug(s). Also helps if you separate out bugs into individual posts.

Again, need pictures, details and seperate post.

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I was busy multi-tasking at the time of writing this, I’ll go into more detail later on when I can and add pics/descriptions to each bug I found.

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