Bugfix Corner Alpha9

Hi i open this Topic - so you and Radiant can find faster some Bugfixes :wink:

Bugfix Goblincamp - loop for more then one camp - GoblinCampLoop - englisch
Bugfix of the Ironpike ilevel - Ironpike iLevel6 - englisch
Bugfix Goblinfirepit - change the infos in the original firepit so that the mixin works - Goblinfirepit
Bugfix Footmen - i have change the exp per hit from 2 to 6 - sooo that he lvl after ca 10 goblins :wink: - Footmen

All Bugfixes in one zip - Bugfix complete - englisch

Just paste the Bugfixes in the stonehearth.smod (for example open the file with Winrar and then paste and overwrite it)


well then… thanks for not only working on some bug fixes, but compiling them for the rest of the community! :+1:


No Problem ^^ If i can fix it why i shouldnt post it :wink:

But this is all because of the great and open work of Radiant - they give us the option to mod and bugfix it :smiley:

and because of @sdee she use the posted bugfixes so that im still motivated to help :wink: