Bug with Job selection

To put it simply when I start a new city everything is working perfectly until I open the job menu and give someone a job. At that point all of the menus freeze. Anyone know how to fix this?

Waht Mods do you have ???

WTF it is 5:46 in the morning :zzz:

when the menus freeze, try hitting F5 – that will re-load the menus and may un-freeze them. Hopefully that lets you play while we figure out the root cause of the issue :merry:

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ACE bug I think, started after I pulled changes from unstable branch this morning. Probably related to recent loot table changes because the error logs I get point to the function responsible for dropping the talisman.

Shouldn’t have anything to do with that because this report is from before I pushed those changes to unstable.

but yeah to help we’d need to know which mods he has.

  1. I got exactly the same report today morning.
  2. I hasn’t gotten it yesterday and now I can reproduce it exactly on a save from yesterday.
  3. I pulled changes today morning.

So it must be that these changes from the morning caused it because I pull from unstable branch on a daily basis.

You’re talking about a different bug, though.