UI not properly loaded after crash

I play on hard and frequently change Heartling Jobs to soldier if the mobs look to strong for my regular army. So I have had numerous UI ‘crashes’ and I would just save and restart the game.
This crash (as always) showed an empty Job change screen with only the Job Icons visible.
Just recently I noticed the ‘Reload UI Button’ in the error msg pop up window, (and sorry should have copied it to clipboard and send it, will do next time, promise, just a habit to close it)

So I reloaded the UI and noticed it didn’t update correctly. See image.
The worker Avatar still shows the Soldier Avartar.

1 Had two workers,
2 Changed to soldiers
3 Changed back to workers, crashed it. (Imagine me giving one change Job command one after the other, got pretty good and fast at it too :stuck_out_tongue: )
4 Reloaded UI
5 Noticed wrong Avartar

ps: time 14:19 If you folks are online and fast I have the game still paused at the moment where I took the picture. So if you guys like, I’ll wait a while, I can do some things for u folks if you like to see how/what the game does to e.g. a save/load, restart, change character job back and forth to see what happens ect you folks name it.
Taking a short break any way so… bug testing… sure :slight_smile:
I’ll wait like 15 minutes or so making coffee, ect

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Even without a crash, the picture would not update.
1: Select a hearthling
2: Change his job
3: Hearthling look changes, but picture is not updated

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Neh, never had that before? I would have noticed.

The Avatar always updated to the new Job and the Avatar always changed from Soldier to Worker.

Seriously :slight_smile:

Yes if you have the hearthling selected when you promote, the avatar never changes, until you deselect and select the hearthling again.

The game is not intended to be played like you do if i remember the devs correctly, that might be why there have not been such a focus on this? Lets call a buch of crimetechs and investigators to the scene?


As @BrunoSupremo said, it doesn’t have to do with the crash. This is a regression from A20 (it worked fine in A19, in fact it broke before that and was fixed for A19). I added this back then to our backlog, but hasn’t been given attention since it’s just a minor aesthetic bug (the rest of the info in the unit frame is still correct).

But let me ping some devs, maybe we can squeeze a fix for this in A23.

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Yeah he seemed to be right and like you’re saying no biggie anyway. :blush: