[RES] [BUG] can not change jobs on any hearthlines

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I went to sleep and left StoneHearth running (forgot it was running). Got up and now I can not change jobs. saved and reloaded save. No change. I will start a new game and let it run over night and see it reproduces the problem.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Welcome to the forum, @DevanMedrow :smile:

You’re playing Alpha 12 unstable, right?
Besides not being able to change jobs, could you play normally?
Were your hearthlings reacting to other orders like harvesting, building, mining…?

Yes, 12 unstable.
I did not notice both times I checked. But I do know that they were still going and gathering materials.
I will double check again tonight when I get off work. It is running now and then I will test each of the operations mining and so forth.

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The Latest Patch has fixed the jobs bug.

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