[BUG:R375 x64] Error when using the erase road tool on a single built block

I tried to replicate the error by building a single block and then waiting for it to be built and then erasing it but i got the scaffolding error (not the one below) but i now have a save that might make either error replicable…


Save file

other bug report with computer details

I’ve also had some trouble with roads and erasing. I haven’t tested exactly what sparks the bug chain, though, but I figure it’s similar to your situation above.

Hi, still active in R393 x64

i wanted to test an old bug with erasing roads. there was a bug that when you erase a road you can use the places anymore - now it produce lots of errormessages


  1. Build a road
  2. Click the eraser and try to remove the road xD -> errormessages

other issue: roads cant be erased - no errors