Bug Info before Alpha4 release 110


here some bugs before the next release :wink:

At first the Zonemanagment doesnt work correct - i have select one Zone for only Food and they fill it with stones :wink: *Rockbiters from the Never Ending Story"

Next Bug: They doesnt build the house correct - it stops when the build the roof and let holes in them after this the remove the scalffold (or they try it ;))

And last bot not least: Im dead but im still engaged in the battle :wink:

So i hope i have helped again :smiley:

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thanks for the reports! :+1:

yes, i believe this is a known (if not resolved?) issue…

nice catch… :smile:


hmmm ka ^^ i haven´t found this bug in the list xD But there are so many post perhaps i haven´t see it xD

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I love this film ^^ Hmmm perhaps i should make Falkor the Luckdragon (in German: Fuchur der Glücksdrache) :smiley:


yeah, you guys have been busy! :smile:

but i believe this particular issue was mentioned (among some other stockpile quirks) in this report:

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also the

i made a suggestion/bug report on that as well

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