Bug: Game freezing but I can move camera and click on things

thats so that new users cant just troll, and spam the discourse

ah okay but the screenshots want to see?

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being a new user you wont be able to upload/post them directly onto the discourse, bu if you give me a link that will work

okay hold on then to get the picks uploaded

okay here they are Sta.sh Uploads 20 - delfiler’s Sta.sh hope you can get the idea what i’m dealing with

okay, first of all, those goblins are bugged out, as there shouldnt be that many, and that definitely will slow down the game. secondly, all those lanterns will slow the game down, due to all the particle effects running at the same time.

i guessed the goblins were glitched out cause i have walls to keepthem out and the laterns i expected a bit but they do prevent invasions spawning inide, so i have to get the fullplate as soon as possible and longsword and steel shield to take them down

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@8BitCrab Could you imbed the image into the first post? Some of us like to look at the forums at work, and many image hosting sites are blocked at work. :frowning:

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hey there @Xynariz tbh, i hadnt quite figured embedding out yet :laughing:

now that i have, i embedded it into the post that has the link to the images.

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:33, topic:12790, full:false”] i embedded it into the post that has the link to the images.
I still can’t see them (work settings), but at least you figured out the embedding! :slight_smile:

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dang work settings :laughing:

[quote=“Xynariz, post:34, topic:12790”]
but at least you figured out the embedding!
[/quote]it wasnt that hard, i had just been to lazy to try before :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, Im having trouble with my Hearthlings as the keep on freezing and lagging very badly, however i am able scroll around the map with no problems whatsoever, no lag or freezing. is there a solution to tackle this problem?

Well here is a tip, DONT BUT A NEW COMPUTER as ppl say, BUT buy a better memory card, your graphics card must be at least 60 or higher.

who said to buy a new computer?

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Well if you see on steam, lot’s of people who are talking about lag, people tell them to buy a new computer recently when i checked their problems. But i found out the problem and i wish i could share to everyone!

I have this problem as well, except the hearthlings don’t move AT ALL (Except the Shepard and Footman for some reason). Also all the animals still move as well.

[develop 2720] game freeze… but i can mode camera, click on bar lua (right) , select item, guys etc… but 0 move from people…
here screenshoot
i have the sound too.

Hey @artifus, is this resolved if you save and reload the game? If not, can you upload your save here (via a sharing link by Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc.)?

sorry. i dont save this…
but i can do it later. i have to recreate the error…

Please don’t worry about recreating the error. If you do encounter it, then feel free to upload a save…but no need to try to make it happen again :smile:!