Bug: Desing wall in Second floor

Hi, the problem is in the design mode, in the second floor when i try the put the walls.

All began when i started to design my house, i placed the first floor without problem but in the second floor i only placed the half of the floor, and in the other half placed the stair(made of block one by one), then is when placed the wall but the error came.

The wall has superimposed.

The bug returned if follow this steps:

1 - Make first floor

2 - Make second floor (only floor)

3 - Make stair with blocks

4 - Place walls

Version: release-393 (x64)

PD: If you need something please tell me
PD2: Sorry if i wrote something wrong

i hope this be useful.

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Put your pictures up on Imgur and then a mod will insert them into the post.

i placed the picture in the post, but the post was flagged. i use gyazo.

When you are a new member, it won’t let you imbed pictures directly into the post. If you post it on an outside site (like imgur) and then post a link, the mods will imbed the picture for you. Once you become a regular member you’ll be able to post your own pictures. You “rank up” just be reading topics and coming back for a few days. Doesn’t take long.

Ok, Thank you. Only one question more, i’m now a basic user, then, i can post a link?

I think you should be able now, yes :blush:


Thanks for the bug post and the pictures! We’re still having problems with internal walls–is that by any chance what you’re doing in step 4 above?

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Ok, let me show you.

  1. First floor and only the floor of the second floor.

  2. Place more floor one by one above the walls of the first floor.

  1. And place the walls.

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Hm, I’m pretty sure we’re not handling that properly yet. What if you put on the 2nd floor with the floor tool (using the floor between the buildings), raised the walls, and then cut out a hole for the ladder? That’s how we do it currently. But thanks for the step by step so we know what isn’t working for you!