[bug] can't click on saw / knife


Can’t click on saw/knife


Sometimes after I started the game, made a stockpile and my 'lil settlers put in the wood and tools it is impossible to click on the saw and knife!


Pretty common


Very Severe

Steps to reproduce:

Start a game, make your first stockpile, wait for the settlers to put in the items, try to use the item.

Expected Results:

I expected to be able to make a carpenter and hunter

Actual Results:

Wasn’t able to click on the item.


There is also no highlight when hovering mouse on said item.



Versions and Mods:

Alpha 3

This is confirmed by other people. link

I have never experienced it, so I can’t say.

Ah, to be honest I really never look on the guru :frowning:

Don’t worry, I just go there from time to time, to see if there are any new bugs or news about old bugs, because people still report there, both forums are valid. I usually report here, too.