[BUG A10 Dev 2378 x64] Multi-story and Roof

hi all, first it’s my first post and my English is really bad (that explain the first post), sorry for your eyes.

so Bug :

when you build a first floor more big than the ground floor and laying the roof on the first floor walls randomly generated one or more second wall, this may also creates the problem on the gables of the house.

an image to better understand my and the web translator gibberish :wink:

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Fix with A 10 Dev 2387 x64
test only one time but no see random wall bug

Thanks You, even if I do not have the right to my welcome aboard :cry:
can close this topic i think :slight_smile:

subliminal message: The AZERTY keyboard is nice, The AZERTY keyboard it's important, The AZERTY keyboard in the next update ....


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