The second floor and the roof went crazy

Well i was playing around with the roof offset and the slopes and all. And then the walls somehow did not follow the roof. I tried the to change it back, but that just made it even more crazy with the walls going up through the roof.
I attached a savegame and a screenshot.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dont know exactly what went wrong?

Expected Results:

Actual Results:


A screenshot and the savegame:

SH roof (8.2 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A20 no mods.
System Information:

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Should the roof go up at the wall or something?
With the screenshot it looks to me like you have the wrong roof seting.
Did you build the wall up front on your own?

If you build the wall up fron yourself remove the wall and use the roof settings. Make it that the roof is not higlited at 2 sides than place back the windows and it sould work. If not tell me and i am going to look at the save.

Since you didn’t answer me i checked the save.
I made it so the roof is going over your wall. (7.8 MB)

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thanks for the effort @Prepe. I reloaded and redsigned the building from scratch. And now im in another save checking out some combatmechanics :smile:

It was clearly something with the roof settings that went wrong, and i really just wanted to report the issue.

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Did you have the roof higher, add those windows, then lower it?

yes i did, but it went crazy before i lowered the roof. the walls werent fitting the roof with one block i think, and therefor when i pressed build, they only would build the groundfloor… i think :smiley: