Borrowing from Banished

Like my thread re Dwarf Fortress, I thought it might be worth having a look at another, similar game, and borrowing from it too. In particular, the marketplace…

In Banished, your settlements can be quite extensive, and walking from one end of the map to the other to get food isn’t exactly ideal. Hence the marketplace.

The vendors you send to run the marketplace go all over your settlement, collecting food, clothing, resources and basically everything that those living and working around the market need, saving your other people from having to do that themselves.

Now at the moment of course, Stonehearth settlements are quite small and compact, but between the infinite world planned and simple population growth, I wonder if @sdee or someone might find something like this useful?


I can see this being hugely important in larger settlements, placing a few of these around the place - or some sort of equivalent storehouse that allows for easier resource distribution than simply designating stockpiles as housing certain items and hoping that it gets filled up first.


[quote=“Geoffers747, post:2, topic:6839”]
hoping that it gets filled up first.
[/quote]It would be nice to be able to set a minimum amount of a certain item a specific stockpile needs to hold. That way, we can for example make a stockpile near the carpenter and say it needs to hold an x amount of wood. Then the carpenter won’t have to get the wood somewhere else.