A few suggestions about gameplay

I have a couple of suggestions I would like to get out there about the current game play. I know it’s still very early and it might change. My first suggestion would be to implement a system where you select an area for your town to harvest from like how it is in Dwarf Fortress. Right now I feel like the game has too much micro-managing. I would also like to suggest curves. Basically to be able to put down your houses and rotate them. And curved roads. Although I’m not sure if those last two are already planned or not.

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hey there @Sekkano… welcome aboard! :smile:

as in, drag and select to harvest trees, for example?

that might be possible… but @Tom has a pretty clear visual design for the game, and curves don’t have a strong foothold… :wink:

Hey there, @Sekkano, Welcome Aboard on the S.S Stoneheath Discourse! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Let me answer your questions. :smile:

Hey, I suggested this a while back! Also apparently one of the Modders here added an ability to do something like that in one of his Mods. Shame I forgot his name. Maybe it was @RepeatPan. Anyway, I’m sure the amazing Developers in our favorite Game Studio will add this feature to Stonehearth, as it is one of the frequently suggested to the Developers on the Stonehearth Discourse Forums. I also agree on the Micromanaging part, but I’m also sure the Developers will remove it, as they mentioned that they wouldn’t want you to Micromanage in Stonehearth.

Rotating the Structures you’ve made and curved Roads and Pathways would be nice, just like what our Soulless Overload favorite Moderator, @SteveAdamo, just said, @Tom and @Ponder, also known as Tony, have created a Visual Design, whatever that is, of the game, so it may be possible, but not likely.

I hope I’ve answered your questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, without over-complicating my answers. :smiley:

Cheers! :blush:

@EpicDwarf, Dwarven Gamer

I merely made something that auto-harvested things you’ve clicked on; drag-and.drop support was something that I had on my todo. The “recent” addition of a entities-in-area function makes that easily doable. I hope.

Basically select an area to harvest trees from. But dragging a few selection of tress wouldn’t be so bad either.

ahh, right… this has been suggested/requested… and is likely something the team is working towards eventually implementing (to speed up the harvesting process)… :+1: