Stonehearthian Economy

So I like economics. One of my favorite things about Dwarf Fortress was dwarven economy. To put it as simply as possible, dwarven economy was a system set up so that once you minted enough coins it would kick in. You would have a banker of some kind to handle the currency and pay dwarves based on their jobs. Living space would start to cost rent, and dwarves would have to pay for everything they needed including food and clothing.

While Stonehearth doesn’t seem to have the kind of crazy depth DF had (clothing deterioration mainly) it does have food and other requirements for an economy.

Based on what I know of Stonehearth it will use a job based system, like Timber and Stone. (Which I hadn’t played until very recently, Steve Adamo in the credits!)

So here’s the setup in my head:
I don’t want someone in charge of dispersing money. People will be paid based on how much they earn at their profession. Farmers sell food, carpenters sell furniture, tools, and building materials. Builders sell, well, buildings. Money will be distributed based on profession once enough coin is minted.

Currency should change hands efficiently. Specifically I mean to have each person decide how much their money is worth to them and whether or not it’s worth the price. If Jor Dirtyhands only makes 4 coins today and rent is two coins, he needs food with his other two coins and might not be able to afford a fancy new iron hoe.

So probably biting off more than I can chew but I know how currency and real economies work and have acceptable programming skills. I figured I would throw this up here to see if anyone else was interested and had helpful input or feedback.

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