Bolt of Silk Cloth

How do you craft/get a Bolt of Silk Cloth for the Phoenix Paladin Regalia? Did i miss a quest?

I already have many of the Ancient armor fragment but can’t fine a way to craft or buy it from some merchant. Is it a loot or a recepie i’m missing?

Thanks in advance

I do not speak English I’m not good at pc sorry

Touhou Merchant Event End
potter crafting Caravanserai
Visiting Eastern Merchants
can buy

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And how do I get that table?

They give you the recipe for your potter to build it after you finish the Eastern Merchants caravan quest line, I can only tell you that it takes a really long time to get the necessary trades with them for the notification that you become part of the official stops of the caravan.

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Do you know any way to improve game performance?

For me it improved when started using “Ethereal Mod”, and the small map option of the “Extra Map Option Mod”, they are both compatible with ACE and available on steam.

Ethereal Mod is it the storage one?