Blueprint Scripts

Building Blueprint Trading

This suggestion is a long term suggestion and piece of mind should be considered, in respect that the following features have already been implemented.

The ability to trade building scripts with other players.
-This would create a whole new game mechanic in which you can use your creative building skills
as an income possibility/diplomatic trait.

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You can already do this just by uploading the blueprint and giving someone the link to the file~ Just saying :smiley: Unless you mean Steam Workshop~

no i mean as an item in the game, like being able to imbue like a peice of paper with a blueprint and being able to trade it to someone else and them being able to learn it
so that its actually a mechanic thats implemented in the game, to allow players to trade and share building designs
whilst playing

while I think it’s a nice idea, players could very easily just copy manually what the other player created and then save it like that, bypassing the entire need to trade blueprints. and if they really wanted the blueprint, one could just upload their building to steam workshop (or dropbox) and the other could just immediately download it from steam workshop (or, again, dropbox), and it wouldn’t take much more time

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im talking about turning it into a profitable mechanic, sure they could just manually copy what they built but on the
topic of larger structures like mansions or town hall’s, id be pretty stoked if it became a feature id love to be able to sell my designs to people I play with.