Blueberry Bushes

So I was messing around with MagicaVox and made some models for the world bushes you find. I wanted them to look more like the ones in the game. What do you guys think? this is the blueberry bush.

how does the spoiler code work in this forum? if a mod can edit it, please do so.

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I’d say it looks too similar to be honest. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bush without a visible trunk, just a leafy blob coming directly from the ground. Or perhaps just try to give it a bit more of a different shape to differentiate it more. You could also make it an entirely different sort of fruit, fictional or not, with a different colour like yellow or red.

What do you want hidden?

I thought the pictures would take more toom, wanted to hide them so they didn’t clutter the post

Ah, you’re looking for the details tag, not spoiler then.


[details=Click me!]![|220x220](upload://kDkcaOfJs79Etw2BOxkr1qvnW68.jpg)[/details]
Click me!

Discourse automatically “lightboxes” large images so they aren’t huge. Click on them to make them larger. Feel free to edit your post if you’d like, or leave it as is.


Thanks for the information, that’s a great feature


kuroneko are you kurohtio?

No :open_mouth: kurohito is lit “black person” I am “black cat” this has been my gaming username since about 2012. I’m new to this community, joined a day ago hahaha

ahhh ok i was confused because you have post your bush question in this post and you name is similiar ^^ i have searched my pm for an info of kuro if she is back again ^^

so dont be bad but @jomaxro can you make this to an own topic? Thx XD

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