Blender X Y Z on-screen

I have a dumb problem. I’m using blender and I’ve lost my X Y Z coordinates “on screen” for the individual objects. So I’m no longer able to rotate or move them easily along the XYZ axis.

I must’ve hit some button combination while trying to relearn the bone structuring and now am totally dead in the water. Googling has given zero advice.

Anyone know how to get my XYZ lines back on the screen?

Edit: finally found that it is CTRL + SPACE for some freakish reason.

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so, problem solved? can we close this one down, or do we need to call in @voxel_pirate? :smiley:

Yeah you can close it, sorry. Actually it could be deleted entirely but I couldn’t figure out how.

no worries at all… we’ll keep it, in the event someone else gets stumped with the same issue… :wink: