Blacksmith - Gold Bar

In the Blacksmith crafting window the “Gold Bar” doesn’t look like gold, more like tin. It does however look like a gold bar on the crafting queue.


I see what you are saying.

It may just be the wrong icon referenced. that should be an easy fix


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure :smile:

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It’s because the gold icon is grayed out when you aren’t able to make it (and it just so happens to be roughly the same tint as tin, which is available pretty much from the start). Perhaps the color can be changed slightly to differentiate the two, or maybe the periodic element letters can be put in the image or on the bar model itself, since it gets pretty confusing after a while.


@Atralane it’s the same when you unlock it, I thought like you that maybe it was greyed out but once my blacksmitch got to level 6 the border of the icon changed to yellow/gold indicating that it can be crafted. However the icon of the bar it self remained looking like tin.

Nice idea with the periodic elements letters @Atralane :wink:

In my crafters’ ui the gold has just the right color.


@Pfauenauge Now that looks like a gold bar, for some reason my ui uses the same image as tin :confused:

oh, somehow missed this reply,

thats really odd… its fine for me… perhaps try reinstalling the game?

also, do you have any mods installed?

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@Deakn which level is your Blacksmith?

@8BitCrab Yea I just did and it’s fixed so must’ve been a fluke or an error in the previous build :slight_smile:

@Relyss He is level 6.