Biomes that generate mountains in lakes?

I love this game soooo much but I must admit, it’s very frustrating when I start on an island looking for a nice place to mine from and the first mountain I can find with the minerals I need most is so far away that I need to start expanding my village out onto the mainland almost immediately just to make it possible to mine there.

So I was wondering. why can’t we seem to get mountains generated in lakes??? it’s already a natural thing to be found out in the real world. give us lakes with mountains in the middle of them maybe small islands near in the same large lake but only just large enough for a starting point. I’d reeeeally love to see mountains generated within bodies of water and not on the side of them, that’ll just make the world seem more interesting and in some cases manageable too.

That is because there is a certain order that the terrain is generated.
First it creates the shapes, like the mountains.
Then it adds lakes. And lakes generate in flat areas.
It is possible, but would require a big change in code to make it work.

Though one thing you can do for stone resources is just dig down. Below the dirt it is all stone.


but that kinda kills off multiple scenario types if all you can do is dig downward only. it’s just frustrating at this point for me to either have to travel long distances or dig DOWN for the minerals i want when i want to be able to have a lake based mountain village where the village is surrounding the mountain on and island in the middle of a lake.

The mountains in the temperate are “real size” giants, there is no way to fit one in a single map anyway.
In the desert it is more likely, as we have just those “little dots” of mountains, but then it does not really make sense to have that giant lake in a desert.

I could suggest you to download the biome I made, Archipelago, but then it would be a different ambient, even though you would have the mountain surrounded by water.

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I LOVE your Biome mod. but as you said different ambient. I’m looking for a lake in a more temperate environment with a mountain, even a SMALL mountain in the center of the lake.

something I can build like a village around the base of it and stuff. the only other way to do this is to freaking mine out a moat around a mountain I like on the anorien biome since the mountains on that biome mod are small enough for them to be possible to form in the center of a lake and just InstaMine the area around it. but that would create major issues with the water in the current state of the game.