How to get water in

Played around with the temperate generation data file again and managed to create a completely flat word with pretty much only trees. Although already pretty happy with this i would love to have large amounts of water in it without destroying the flatness off the land. I looked into other biome files but that did not seem to work well (errors)

So which of these values needs to change in order to get what i’m looking for? (2.5 KB)

Bigger lakes?

At the last lines of the file, you will see this:

        "mean": {
           "plains": 5,
           "foothills": -100,
           "mountains": -100

Bigger values will get more water at that elevation. Go negative to avoid water.

There is also this:

"range": 10,

I can’t remember now exactly the effects, but I think lower values will make water spread more (distance from other elevations). All this values are from the archipelago. That low range is what makes a lake spread so much that it almost cover the entire plains, creating the oceans.

Oh I see. I downloaded your file. You copied from the archipelago. Those values will give errors, it depends on some Lua changes I made.

Make sure the shallow is 2 or more. 1 will bug!

“more_deep”: 5 and “water_height_delta”: 0.6, only work with my Lua changes.


Is there a way to create more islands with mountains?

In the archipelago? You can reduce the octaves or bandlimit by 1 (in the terrain>noise_map_settings). It will give that effect.

No, I was thinking that it would be in the desert if thats possible

I think just lowering the bandlimit will do. Lower values kinda “compress” the map, so you have more stuff in the same area.

Edit: Yep, I changed it from the default 3 to 1.5 and this was the result:

So if i made ithigher i get more water? Because you changed it to lower and got less water?

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Depends, you mean the “range” value? From what I remember the range value is like a zone distance from a different elevation/cliff. So lower values let the water reach closer to those areas, bigger values avoids creating lakes near them.

The “mean” values need to be higher, it is the chance of a block to have water.

For example, the desert has negative mean values and high range, this is why lakes are rare there and never near a mountain.
Temperate also has negative values for the means, but higher than desert (closer to zero/positive). And smaller range, so lakes can generate closer to hills.

Hmm i dont really understand what you are talking about but ill show you a example.

And how do i accses the temperate generation data?

I understand now. Those islands are pure lucky, there is no way to force more of them. You need a lake and a mountain in the same space. Maybe your lake generates elsewhere. What you can do is decrease the bandwidth so you have more mountains like in that seed and increase water so you have more lakes, than you have more chances of this happening. But the rest of the map maybe end not as good.

And I thought you were already messing with biomes, so I assumed you knew about this. The biomes files are in the stonehearth/data/biome folder. You would want to start with some basics first, like the example mods (starter mods) in the stonehearth (Gareth Loremaker) / Repositories · GitHub

are you using any mods here?