Big Suggestion List- Major Changes

I have some major Ideas for Stonehearth, they are as
follows. I know some suggestions has been made already.

Gameplay - Minion Behavior (Mechanics)

  1. Minions must have
    a loitering capability. Depending on their worker level, morale and education level (See below) they will start to loiter less and work harder.
  2. They need to also require eventually religious leadership in the town or morale will start to suffer (See Below)
  3. Illness mechanicmust be added, uncooked foods can cause sickness, low level cooks can also increase the chances until they level up enough to hygienically cook foods. Potions will help with food poisoning
  4. Strikes - Make unhappy minions carry strike posters :slight_smile:
  5. Injuries - Broken Bones, impaired Vision, etc. sustained in combat will reduce the injured characters abilities until healed (See Class Below)
  6. Horses Should be added that once breed can be used by your army for faster travel.
  7. Milkable cows!!!

New Classes - Jobs

  1. Hunter Class - The hunter class needs a bow and like the trapper will hunt wildlife but with better production ratios See Below). Hisclass is an upgrade from the trapper and at level four he qualifies to become a Military Archer. Should be able to tame a wolf.
  2. Priest Class - His Job is responsible for dealing with morale issues. Like the Healer he walks around and “Heals Minions” spirally raising their morale. This character can be an upgrade from the healer. He can address more severe issues as his level increases.
  3. Physician - Upgrade from healer. He can heal more severe injuries using bandages provided by the healer.
  4. Lumbered - You can set a designated area for this worker, like the hunter where he plants trees provided by farmers and automatically harvest them. When he achieves level 1 he can be upgraded to a Carpenter. (He should also provide the most basic tools like Hoe’s, low level Bows, Fight Sticks but no furniture except for those mentioned below)
  5. Fisherman - Basic fisherman uses fishing pole to catch fish.
  6. Miner Profession - Can mine different materials at different levels. Must reach level 4 to upgrade to apprentice Blacksmith.
  7. Scholar Profession - Craft Books that is needed to promote minions to new jobs. (EG. Wood to Lumber Book to promote to lumberjack, Wood + Bandage to Medical Journal to promote Healer to Physician.)
  8. Worker Class - Normal Workers must also have a level System.
  9. Trader Class – Trader assigned to trading post should increase in level getting better prices for solf goods. He also collects items that is for sale.


  1. Rotting Wood - Wood Should start to Rot when not in proper storage.
  2. The Cook should be able to build a Water Cooler Container where food cannot spoil.
  3. Ability to Dig Holes and fill with water (Moating)
  4. Sieging enemies must bring siege tools if your city is protected too well.
  5. Peaceable Dirt Blocks that eventually overgrow with grass.
  6. Automated Buying/Selling System.

New Items (Needed to make my suggestion’s work)

  1. Fishing Pole (Wood & String)
  2. Woodcutters AXE & Tree cutters Saw. (Wood & Stone)
  3. Religious Scrolls for Priest (Needed to Raise Support, he must prepare this on the altar) (Leather & Paper)
  4. Paper made from wood to create books.
  5. Medical Beds - Injured Plebs go here to be treated by physician or healer. (Cannot be healed in Normal Beds)
  6. Potions for Illnesses (Flu, Dysentery, nauseous, etc.)
  7. Splints (Crafted from Bandage & Wood) for broken Bones.
  8. Altar (For Priest)
  9. Physicians Workbench
  10. Palisade Fence created by Lumberer.
  11. Larger City Gates (For City Entrances crafted by Lumberer)
  12. Larger Steel Reinforced City Gate. (Larger City Gate + 4 Steel Ingots)
  13. Drawbridge(s)
  14. Pick axe for Miners
  15. Mechanized Workshops created by Engineer (Faster Production of Goods on these Tables.)
  16. Bookshelves - For Storing Skill & Religious Books / Scrolls.
  17. Scrolls & Books (Paper, Leather)
  18. Auto Trader Post (Sign + Trading Post)

Let me know what you think. Thank You

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