Beta Version of the game

hey, i’m just asking, when will the beta of the game is suppose to come out?

hey there @Crowess … the client will transition to “beta” once it is more feature complete and the only remaining items are bug squashing … at least, that’s the general approach, and I believe what the team has mentioned in the past…

when exactly that will happen is still … unknown at this time… :smile:


here’s what it says about alpha on the [website][1],

[quote]Alpha. The team is adding major features to the game,
like new gameplay systems, new classes, and new monsters. The game is
playable, but pretty buggy. Save games will probably not work from
release to release. Stonehearth is in this phase now.[/quote]

and here’s what it says about beta,

[quote]Beta. All the major features of the game are
finished! At this point bug fixing begins in earnest. During the beta
phase, the game will get more and more bug free. Save games will work
across releases.[/quote]

hope that helps in some way.
[1]: Development – Stonehearth


So Beta wont be released until Multiplayer is finished?

i’m guessing not, but then again, i dont know how the minds of TR work :wink:


Well according to what you posted “All the major features of the game are finished!” so by that it would mean multiplayer too; right?

gosh i’m super tired today, i meant to say “i’m guessing so”…