Beta r864 Now On Steam Unstable

In this release we continue with our polish, bug fixing, and optimization phase, so you will see a large number of small improvements, as listed below. Please continue reporting bugs, and make sure you have automatic error reporting enabled in your options!

Daaaannnnggg that’s a lot of fixes.


Fixed date display in the promotion UI.

This was a very old bug!

Fixed pasture animals net worth calculation only counting one animal per pasture.

Ha, I remember this one! It is also an old bug. Now, to make a shepherd town where all the economy is from herding.

Added support for choosing which animals to trap in a given trapping zone.
Added insects to the trappable critters list.
Added insect meat recipes.



is anyone with this?
release-864 (x64)[M]
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘entity_data’ of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘entity_data’ of undefined
at n.preview (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/game/show_workshop/show_team_workshop.js:885:51)**
at n._selectFirstValidRecipe**

can’t use any workshop :sob: (checking mods just in case)

nope, nevermind… its working xD

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Is there a site where I can download Beta r864 for free?:sweat_smile:

No. I don’t want the Radiant team to starve.


just by ignorance… is there no way to redeem code for steam if you bought the game by other page?
or you haven’t bought it?

Was that a mod?

@max99x yup
SOOO SORRY for the issue… i had the wrong workbench in the recipes for two crafters… mason and carpenter :sweat:
looks like now having the wrong workbench in a recipe is a critical error
critical error in http reactor: could not trace[trace 23245 stonehearth:carpenter:kiln]

Really liking the update so far but this is still odd

removing ladder icon is prob 50 meters above

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Oh! Deer!


I’m sorry but I have to say that the insects, particulary the ants, are a bit creepy. :cold_sweat:
And that they use the same traps as the animals. Wouldn’t it be better if the insect traps were a bit different?
Deer??? I haven’t seen one. Have to look more!

Have fun, Kyth.


No I didn’t buy it because my father is angry :sweat_smile:

When did the Gargoyle statue get a new model? I have to admit I didn’t use it because it was somewhat not up to my quality standards but the new one is really good :slight_smile:

Also, the town progression reward stone windows don’t quite suit the basic stone windows. Is that intended?

Does this mean the hunter class coming? They are SOMEWHAT big for an ordinary trap.

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Hard to know what’s selected

I did f5 to refresh the ui had food for days selected got metal masters :S

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There’s weird stuff with pause going on too. I can break the interface easily if I go into [Esc] and then start moving around and hitting pause and changing the speed.

Wait a minute, deer and bugs are in this update…
I’m a make a new world cause I didn’t see them in my current save.

I saw bugs in the desert in my Rayya’s Children start, but I haven’t seen deer ingame yet.

Can you elaborate on this? I can’t repro the issue. Clicking on anything while the Esc menu is up should just close the menu and do nothing else.

sigh Can’t seem to reproduce it on a fresh game now. Maybe it was something else. Still if I’m not supposed to be able to do anything in [esc], I probably shouldn’t be able to mine and open the builder and drop stockpiles using the hotkeys I guess?